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Turn risk into revenue with SafeLease Tenant Protection

Are you ready to unlock new revenue channels?


Cutting-edge technology

We link SafeLease to your current facility management software for seamless implementation and ongoing operations.

revenue share

SafeLease offers the highest percentage of program revenue in the industry, averaging 70%+.

Maximum tenant participation

Superior risk coverage and automated program management result in ~92% tenant participation and less work for your store manager.

Protect your tenants.
Profit in the process.

There’s more to revenue than rent collection. We make access to the industry’s smartest tenant protection program as simple as flipping a switch.

SafeLease enables you to maximize NOI and achieve unparalleled tenant participation — with little to no effort on your part. Plus, we sweeten the deal with industry-leading revenue share.

Technology to
fuel your growth

Adopting new technology is key to the continued growth of your property’s revenue.

Our tools enable property owners of every size to stay focused on running their core business and reduce the risk of tenant complaints.

Add opportunity to your bottom line

Gain an additional revenue stream by partnering with SafeLease.

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Estimated monthly revenue at $12/month for a $2,000 protection plan


Estimated additional monthly NOI


Estimated additional annual NOI


Increase in facility value at 6% cap rate

Jim Stinnett
Operations Manager, Bearcat Storage
“With our previous provider, we felt like we were stealing $9/month from our tenants. We’ve had the exact opposite experience with SafeLease. Our tenants are provided with an exceptional product, great customer service, and a fast claims process.”
Rex Huddleston
"The SafeLease team configured and activated our tenant protection program in just seven days. Over the next 30 days, we saw enrollment increase by nearly 3000%."
Greg Rudkin
"Auto-enrolling tenants in SafeLease across multiple stores was a no-brainer for us. It's helped us build significant equity in our business while adding value to our tenants."

Self-Storage Associations

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Increase revenue. Provide tenants with reliable protection. It’s a win-win.

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We handle all claims in-house through an easy-to-navigate digital portal.