May 10, 2022

Ready Now launches successful tenant protection program in seven business days


Ready Now Storage offered tenant protection in three Texas facilities. After 10 months with their previous partner and only 12 enrolled tenants, the owners knew it was time to take action.


Ready now signed a partnership agreement with SafeLease on January 28, 2022.

On February 8, just seven business days later, Ready Now launched their new plan with SafeLease. This included:

  • Cancellation of their previous tenant protection plan
  • Notification of the new program to existing tenants
  • Rollover of 12 enrolled tenants from the previous protection plan to SafeLease
  • Configuration of SafeLease within their existing management software
  • Enablement of SafeLease Auto-Protect
  • Store manager training, and more


Within 30 days of the SafeLease Tenant Protection launch, plan enrollment increased by 2,975%.

SafeLease ensured a smooth transition from the previous plan provider and set the Ready Now team up for ongoing success by enabling product features to automate compliance and future tenant enrollment.

SafeLease provided our company with a win-win scenario. They enabled us to simultaneously protect our tenants' belongings and maximize the value of our property assets with a single partnership."
- Rex and Riker Huddleston, Ready Now Owners

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