May 16, 2024

Sunterra Storage's Journey With SafeLease

At SafeLease, we strive to deliver exceptional results and a superior customer experience to each partner. Hearing directly from customers about their experiences not only validates our efforts but also provides invaluable insights into how we can continually improve and innovate.

Jessie Smith is the office manager for Sunterra Storage in Katy, Texas. They are a locally owned and operated self-storage business that prioritizes every tenant's experience. Join us as we journey through Jessie's experience, exploring the tangible benefits and impact of SafeLease at Sunterra Storage. Through her firsthand account, discover how SafeLease continues to empower businesses like Sunterra Storage to thrive in an increasingly competitive market. 

Sunterra Storage was using a different program before partnering with SafeLease. Transitioning to SafeLease wasn't just about providing a better program but also seamlessly interacting with their existing solutions. Some key factors for their switch, that Jessie describes, were the ease of implementation, reducing manual workload, and providing peace of mind to their tenants. 

The Switch:

“We switched to Safe Lease because it significantly streamlined the way we manage and track valid insurance coverage among our tenants. SafeLease efficiently handles the verification of insurance and actively resolves issues when tenants do not have the necessary coverage. This system is a game-changer in reducing the administrative burden of monitoring insurance compliance manually. Additionally, SafeLease relieves a significant stressor that naturally comes with owning and operating a storage facility. By ensuring all tenants are adequately insured, it mitigates potential risks and financial liabilities, allowing us to focus more on improving our service and growing our business rather than dealing with the complexities and potential conflicts related to insurance compliance.”

The switch was relatively easy for Jessie and her team to navigate alongside SafeLease. The results her team started to see made the switch worth it. Jessie explains the differences from before they offered SafeLease, the spike in revenue, and how operations are now handled.

The Impact:

“The transition from pre-SafeLease to post-SafeLease operations has brought about several significant changes. Most notably, there is now universal insurance coverage, ensuring that all tenants are insured. This change has led to a more stable and predictable operating environment, as it mitigates risks related to damages, defaults, or other unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, the implementation of SafeLease has resulted in an increase in monthly profits due to the financial benefits of these insurance policies. Another major improvement is the simplified claims process. With SafeLease, the responsibility of handling claims, from filing to settlement, is managed externally. This shift significantly reduces administrative overhead and allows the focus to remain on core business activities, free from the complexities and distractions of claims management. Overall, SafeLease has enhanced the business's financial stability and operational efficiency.”

Ensuring your tenants are protected should be a top priority in today’s market, and that was a no-brainer for Jessie and her team. Providing a program not only reassures your tenants but also positions your business for both short-term and long-term success.

The Value:

“We believe offering a protection plan to tenants is crucial. It significantly reduces the financial risks associated with damages or accidents within the property, providing security and peace of mind to tenants and to our staff. Protection plans also streamline operations by providing a clear framework for claim handling, saving time, and reducing conflicts. Overall, these plans protect the tenant’s physical property and build a foundation of trust and reliability, contributing to a stable and profitable storage business.”

We understand there are inherent risks for tenants when storing their belongings at your facility. Tenant protection eliminates this risk, creating peace of mind for not only tenants but also facility owners.

“SafeLease has truly transformed our approach to managing tenant insurance with their exceptionally helpful and readily available staff. Their team is always eager to assist and provide support, ensuring that any queries or issues are resolved swiftly. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface of SafeLease makes it remarkably easy to use. This accessibility enhances our operational efficiency, allowing us to manage insurance matters seamlessly without any technical difficulties. Overall, SafeLease stands out not only for its effective solutions but also for its dedication to customer service and user experience.” - Jessie Smith

As Sunterra Storage continues to grow and succeed, SafeLease remains a trusted ally, ensuring a worry-free place for storage for any customer in the Katy, Texas area. To learn more about how SafeLease can help your business like Sunterra Storage, schedule a chat with us!