October 24, 2022
Press Release

SafeLease Launches Tenant Protection Dashboard

Brings REIT-grade capabilities to small-and medium-sized self-storage businesses

SafeLease Tenant Protection Dashboard
  • The SafeLease Dashboard automates performance reporting enabling self-storage operators to easily view current and future revenue performance — a task that previously required manual calculations
  • SafeLease customers gain valuable insight into individual claims details and status, tenant satisfaction, and potential repair and maintenance needs
  • TheDashboard will serve as the foundation for future self-storage revenue and vendor management tools
  • MyStorage.comCOO/CMO Greg Rudkin highlights the benefits of the SafeLease Tenant ProtectionDashboard at info.safelease.com/tenant-protection-dashboard

SafeLease, a leading tenant protection provider trusted by over 600 facilities, today announced the launch of its Tenant Protection Dashboard. The Dashboard is the first in a series of technologies SafeLease is bringing to market to empower small- and medium-sized self-storage businesses to reach their full revenue potential.

The SafeLease Dashboard provides self-storage operators with an easy-to-navigate user interface that displays pertinent performance metrics and claims information. This technology provides a level of transparency unlike any other tenant protection program on the market. The details displayed in the Dashboard enable operators to accurately forecast revenue and make data-driven decisions around repair and maintenance needs, protection requirements, and pricing.

As a bonus, the SafeLeaseDashboard also provides insight into untapped revenue sources, giving operators an estimate of potential earnings based on the ongoing adoption of SafeLease products. The Dashboard will also power SafeLease’s future revenue and vendor management tools.

Storsafe Storage partnered with SafeLease to offer tenant protection at its 20 locations across five states. Director Matt Clark says, “My main objective at Storsafe is finding and implementing automated processes that create a smoother experience for our customers and our staff.” He continues, “The SafeLease Dashboard has saved us hundreds of hours previously spent manually calculating revenue, ensuring customer satisfaction related to claims, and driving enrollment in the protection program. SafeLease has literally put running our protection program on autopilot and didn’t miss a step as we scaled to 90% enrollment.”

“The product team conducted extensive customer research to create a dashboard of useful information that helps store owners reach, and exceed, their annual revenue goals,” says Deepak Surana, Chief Product Officer at SafeLease. “The user interface is easy to understand and provides a comprehensive view of which tenants are protected and any claims they filed.”

Watch the video below to learn how the SafeLease Dashboard helps Greg Rudkin, COO/CMO at MyStorage.com, streamline management across five store locations.

To learn more about theSafeLease Tenant Protection Dashboard, visit safelease.com/safelease-dashboard.

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