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Tenant Protection Dashboard

Unlock your store's full revenue potential with the first dashboard created specifically for store owners and managers.

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The Tenant Protection Dashboard literally shows you the money. You'll see a clear view of the revenue your store has earned from its tenant protection program—plus what you could be earning once you activate Auto-Protect.


Occupied and enrolled units are the driving force behind your protection program performance. Access up-to-date details for a complete understanding of current capacity and SafeLease enrollment.


Gain insight into pertinent claims information and follow along from the time of filing to resolution. You now have access to useful claims information including the reason for filing. This feature enables store operators to make data-driven decisions around maintenance needs, staffing, and more.


View and export reporting metrics for all locations, or hone in on a specific store, to analyze accurate data points. You can even sign up for automated reports to be delivered straight to your inbox on a weekly or monthly basis.

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